Week 10

This week i am preparing for my test with GMAU for Orange belt , i have broken the test up in two parts so it will be easier to work through, but eventually will have one continuous test .

The orange belt level is very exciting different techniques ,stances  just hope i perform them up to standard with my age and yes it is tiring but you know its worth it so i will try my best to complete the test.

till next week


eat sleep karate



Week 9

This week was great as i prepared for my local Dojo grading with my two kids.

On Sunday the 3rd December was so exciting as the three of us where doing our grading for orange belt and we did pass. Now i have to grade with GMAU ,the question i am frequently asked why do you want to grade twice for the same belt level, well the answer is simple GMAU has helped me tremendously in my karate training.

There is some different ways how some techniques  are performed between the GMAU and my local Dojo but basically the same. I enjoy the extra training with GMAU and helps me reach my goal.

till next week

Eat sleep karate


week 5

My blog for the week on the 3rd of November 2017 i have one month left for my grading at my local Dojo on the 3 of December 2017.

As i continue my practice and attending classes and my local Dojo i concentrated on Kihon drills. What was new for me was Mawashi geri as i have not seen it at GMAU in the yellow but found it at green belt level which is not a huge thing so i looked at the class for green belt which Sensei Jon explains so well , I feel comfortable at my local Dojo when performing the techniques.

Week 4

Got some good news i passed my yellow belt exam now to continue the road to pass my orange. At my local Dojo, i am also preparing for orange belt and GMAU has helped me tremendously. Training with GMAU makes my grading with my local Dojo so much easier.  Practice Kata Heian Nidan ,age uke ,soto uke,uchi uke with gyaki zuki. i also started introducing the kicks mae geri ,yoko mae geri and yoko mae geri kekomi wich i found a bit difficult to overcome and definitely strain on the legs.

i am catching up on my posts as i haven’t done so in weeks , work and home life not forget the training to blog but what i have not missed was the journal so i can then complete my blog with what i have done.